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Federation of Artistic Roller Skating (FARS) Basic Skills Grades

These start at Grade 1 with basic skating and stopping without falling over and progress through to Grade 6 which involves mainly edges. Grade badges are available to buy on successful completion of each grade. Grade 7, 8 & 9 are available in each of the three Artistic Disciplines; Freestyle, Figures & Dance. Grade 6 must be passed to progress onto the FARS test structure, grades 7, 8 & 9 are optional.
For more information on the FARS basic skills grades please click here

FARS Test Structure

Once a skater has passed all FARS basic skill grades and is ready to move on to the next level, they can be entered for a standard test in Figures, Free and Dance - together or seperately, there are 9 tests for each disipline starting at Elementary to Gold Star. Two external & FARS qualified Judges will be present and a test fee applies (this does not cover the two judges travel expenses which must be covered by the skaters), a minimum of five tests must be entered for one date. Once skated, straight after results of a Pass or Fail will be given to the skater. Click here for a link to the current test structure

FARS Application form for Tests

Test Passes 2016

Spring 2016

Test Passes 2015

Winter 2015 Dannielle Tuddenham Bronze Figures Dulcie Read Bronze Figures Destiny Widdowson Prelim Figures & Free Ellen Siegert Prelim Figures & Dance Angel Widdowson Elementary Figures & Free Holly Carter Elementary Figures & Free Aimee Keenor Elementary Figures    Spring 2015   Stella Mavroudis Bronze Figures Dulcie Read Bronze Free, Prelim Dance Savannah Canham Prelim Figures & Free Emily Deag Prelim Figures & Dance Amy Hewitt Prelim Figures Danielle Haldron Prelim Dance Louisa Mavroudis Elementary & Prelim Dance Destiny Widdowson Elementary Figures & Free Harlee Wicks Elementary Dance Ellen Siegert Elementary Dance Stella Mavroudis Inter Bronze Figures & Free Dulcie Read Inter Bronze Figures & Free Louisa Mavroudis Inter Bronze Figures & Free Daisy Jennings Elementary Figures & Free
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